What Is SEO?

SEO is plain and simple. It is a free and highly effective way of getting a high rate of traffic through to your web site, and in turn a high rate of sales conversions.
SEO consists of three vital properties. Most people believe that concentrating on just one of them is the key to a good listing, They say this because they specialise in only one area. I believe that it is a combination of all three. These key areas are content, structure and quality inbound links. It is my aim to cover all these areas throughout my blog over time, to provide an invaluable source of information for the user (YOU) to read. But let’s start with the basics and the key to good content.

So, how does Google rank your pages?

Google will only put the best websites to the top of its pages. So its best to start by creating the best content – plain and simple (it is exactly the same reason as to why I am writing this article in fact). But not only this, it has to have the right keywords.

In basic terms you should write useful content that contain your chosen keywords. Think of how you would find someone who specialises in SEO in your area. I would search “SEO services Lincolnshire”  because that’s my keyword. Apply it to your business. For example if you’re a florist in Derby,you would use “florist Derbyshire”. The next stage should be to link build and to get votes. That’s right, links are votes. The more people who link to your content, the higher it will rank.

In short, this is how we get better rankings:

  1. Write good quality content that people will find useful, and use the right keywords.
  2. Show Google it is important by getting good quality links. Don’t forget the link should be held on a site with similar content, even if it is just one page.
  3. Do it over and over and over again.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO in short, is making sure a website can be found for the keywords of it’s content. If ever there was a sector that was misunderstood  it would be SEO.

If you ask an SEO specialist “what is SEO?”, they will probably have you on the phone for over an hour. Afterwards you will be none the wiser, and they will have filled your head with technical jargon that basically means nothing to you. Then you will think “nah, I can’t be bothered”. Personally I love to see the benefits of my knowledge shared to give someone the inspiration to move forward with their website.

Are links essential?

Yes, but don’t think for a second that quantity is better than quality. Have you heard the saying less is more?  Five links from good quality, relevant websites are better than twenty links from none relevant websites. Some companies will offer a set number of links for a set price. This is “farming links” and is definitely a method to steer clear of.

So, try to find quality links from quality websites, and don’t link to websites with no relevance. It’s that simple. This will set you on your way to a good ranking.

In Short

Build a good site. Give it some useful content. Build quality links. Don’t be fooled into thinking it stops there either. There is a lot more you can do to help, but if I wrote it all down, I would still be typing two weeks from now and with no sleep.

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