Planning a website

Why is planning a website important?

We are constantly approached by potential clients to build their websites. Most of the time they have a very good idea of what they want. They may even have an existing website to work from. Others, especially the larger companies, have a plan of what they expect from their website and how it should function. Most of the time, there is still not enough information given to the web designer planning a website, for an accurate quotation. If the company just wants a rough estimate, this can be achieved. But the plan has to be accurate. It has to contain all of the information to achieve an accurate quote.

In an ideal world, the organisation would spend some money and hire a project manager. They could then create a needs assessment for the website and plan the whole thing for them. But by the same token, we all know that the resources are not always available. As well as this, the person in charge will not always understand that £150 can save £350 in development time. The realisation that a website can function more efficiently when its been planned, can be costly. It can be a huge pain in the backside with missed deadlines. Further costs can cause huge headaches. In some cases this means an unfinished website – not that we have ever had that problem. Read below how planning a website poorly can cause problems for you in the long run.

If you fail to plan

  • Any web designer will tell you that inaccurate information affects the way that the content or functionality will appear on the website. They may end up having to start all over again.
  • Excessive communication about silly problems can be time consuming. Deadlines could be missed.
  • Not mentioning things that could have been discussed during planning, can only result in a lengthy website design and build.
  • Costs can suddenly rise if the client decides on extra functionality.
  • The most important aspect to us? It’s simple – extra time and extra costs are a headache for the client and the designer. This could lead to customer dissatisfaction. In turn this may result in an unfinished project and bad feeling. Nobody wants that to contend with.

All in all, the main reason for  planning a website is very simple. I am sure that you understand.

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