Laptop Repairs Lincoln

PC Repairs LincolnWe provide laptop repairs all over the Lincoln area. To the right are the areas we cover. If you should need laptop repairs, we are always available. We can either call in to your house or you can drop it in for us at the shop. Don’t throw your old laptop away, call us…

Your laptop is an important part of your life. We understand this, which is why if you do get a problem, we aim to get to you fast. Our customer service is impecable, if we are going to be late, we always call to tell you. If it becomes inconvenient then don’t worry, we will always arrange a different time that suits you. Get your laptop repairs service today.


Below is a list of laptop repairs we can provide

It’s always best to call us to find out if we can help. Not all laptop repairs are listed on here, but we can give you a pretty good idea. We try to be as clear as we can but, in the event that an issue should arise, we will come to an arrangement that suits us both.

  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Key / Keyboard Replacement
  • Hinge Replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Upgrade

Unfortunately, due to the endless amounts of brands and models of laptops around today, we are unable to give solid quotes to what you will pay. However we will always contact you prior to making repairs which may incur further charges.

Is your laptop overheating?

Get our full laptop service. This costs £45 and saves you over £200 on the cost of a new one. Here is what we consider to be a valuable laptop service:

  • Collection and return service, including plugging back in and start up.
  • Anti-virus updated and scanned, using 2 types of software.
  • Anti-spyware updated and scanned.
  • Internet clean up.
  • Defrag of hard drive.
  • Windows updates.
  • System checks.
  • Laptop cleaned inside and out.
  • Full report given with return of the laptop.

Laptop Repairs Lincoln

This laptop service will take around a day. We leave you with a receipt to say we have it and we will return it the next day.


Laptop Repairs Lincoln